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Alberto Solà M.D. and Dr. Deborah Mash. University of Miami, Department of Neurology labs, 2013.

We are the Safest, Clinically-Monitored, Ibogaine Treatment Program, in The World

Clear Sky Recovery uses the highest-quality 99.6% pure ibogaine HCl, extracted according to our specifications at a cGMP certified lab. This is identical to the drug that 100% of all published ibogaine research utilizes. We do not use unproven and cheaper semi-synthetics.

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We are the World's Foremost Experts in Medically-Based Ibogaine Treatment

Dr. Alberto Solà and Dr. Felipe Malacara

Dr. Alberto Solà and Dr. Felipe Malacara are available around-the-clock to provide continuous care for our patients. All your medical needs will be taken care of by a dedicated, on-premises staff of experienced MDs.

Ibogaine Treatment Facility in Cancun

Clear Sky Recovery offers a highly-optimized, safe, effective and innovative, detoxification for substance abuse. We are a medically-based, fully certified and registered, clinically-managed ibogaine detox facility.

Ibogaine in the News

Ibogaine-related stories in the Media: a large cross-section of periodicals, special reports on NBC, ABC, and CBS, that have appeared over the past few years. Also featured is a full-length documentary, Ibogaine: Rite of Passage.

Clear Sky Recovery offers a revolutionary, medically-based ibogaine detoxification program in beautiful Cancun. During the last decade Dr. Solà has personally treated over 800 patients, with no adverse events or serious complications in any treatment episode to date. Our founders and consultants have been evolving the state-of-the-art in ibogaine detox treatment since the 1990s.

We'll provide you with a pain-free, safe, and extremely rapid detox from a variety of addictive drugs, including heroin, OxyContin & Oxycodone, methadone, and buprenorphine (Subutex and Suboxone). Ibogaine is also effective for stimulants such as cocaine & crack, as well as methamphetamine.

Our treatment protocols are customized to meet the specific needs of individual patients. If you are an opioid-dependent individual, you will not be going through withdrawal while under our care. We are a licensed medical facility; our MD's will stabilize you on morphine and keep you comfortable prior to receiving ibogaine treatment.

Our facility provides a luxurious, safe, and peaceful place, to process your ibogaine experience, surrounded by the natural beauty of Cancun. We'll provide you with a solid foundation and help you regain control over your physical and emotional well-being; empowering you to make healthier decisions and lifestyle choices.

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